Joliet Single Family Rental Program

Joliet Single Family Rental Inspection Program

We have been investing in Joliet single family properties for 20 years and have worked with the City of Joliet’s Neighborhood Services group for over 10 years with Multi-Family Rental inspections. We are very familiar with their process and get all of our existing customers through the rental inspection process with minimal cost and frustration.

We can handle the entire process from property registration to inspection scheduling and make any necessary repairs. The Joliet program has 4 levels of certification (1,2, 4 or 6 year certification) depending on how many violations they find during an inspection and history in the program. We strive to get our customers properties certified for as long as possible by fixing the violations ahead of time, which saves our Owners money and keeps the city out of your property.

Download the copy of a letter from City of Joliet about Single Family Inspections.

Please call (815) 931-1021  or fill out this form to  find out how we can help.